Summer Primark Haul

So I can’t (I hope) be the only one who walks into Primark just to get to get a replacement pair of socks and a new hairbrush, but walk out with 7 tops, 4 handbags and lots of pointless gadgets you don’t need… please tell me you do it too haha!

I thought i’d share with you everything that I picked up in Primark recently:

  1. Black top with hook and eye fastenings and lace bottom – £5
  2. Khaki top with black lace trim and button details – £6
  3. Pink lace top with eyelash detail -£3 from £8

1.I’ve actually been wearing this back to front, with the hook and eyes at the back, just because I think it’s more flattering, but I feel like a black cropped top is a staple in summer and for only £5!

3.This is gorgeous and have already worn it several times for summer evening drinks, the fabric is really delicate and soft. Although, you may struggle to find this as it was reduced.

  1. Pink flowery silk pyjama top – £4.50
  2. Purple lace trim silk pyjama shorts – £4.50

I’ve always been the girl who wears her dads XXL old tops with holes in for pyjamas, however I feel that now i’ve just turned 20 (see what I got for my birthday here) I needed to actually get a proper pair of pyjamas and it was the feel of the fabric that made me get these… they are sooo silky!

  1. Blow dry brushes Large – £3 Medium – £1.50
  2. Octopus clips £1 for both
  3. Contour brush £2

1-2.If you saw my July Favourites you may have seen that I got my hair cut and dyed. My hair stylist used blow dry brushes to dry my hair and oh my goodness I’ve never been happier about my hair after being freshly dried. I wasn’t sure whether I would need a medium or a large so got both as they were so cheap (they have a small too) and have been practising blow drying my hair, but still need lots of practise! The Octopus clips are incred if you have really thick/long hair as I can just clip up all my hair using one of these!

3. I wasn’t expecting much for £2 and to be honest I wouldn’t recommend this brush at all! it’s not very soft a leaves such harsh lines.

  1. Black rucksack with Gold zips – £9
  2. Reusable bags in a pouch £1 / £1.50
  1. Mini USB to Lightening charging cable Long – £3, Mini – £2.50
  2. Bike Lights – £2
  3. Shower speaker – £6

1.I love these chargers! If you saw my ‘Whats in my uni bag’ post you would have seen the mini charger that is always connected to my portable charger.

2. Again, if you saw my ‘What I got for my Birthday Post’, you would’ve seen that I got a bike for my birthday, so these will be ideal to quickly remove when i’m about and about in he dark.

3. This shower speaker is my new favourite thing.. you need it in your life!

  1. Black breathable sports top – £5
  2. Black short sports shorts – £4

I picked up another gym top and a spare pair of running shorts… I love primark sportswear its such good value for money!

  1. Copper desk lamp – £8

This is one of those things that I definitely did not need but ended up putting in my basket.

  1. Hawaiian Topic Suncream – £5.50 & Aftersun – £4.50
  2. Fitted Double patterned sheet – £6

1.I think I mentioned these in my June Favourites and I am in love with this stuff. I got it in Primark just because it’s much cheaper than if is online in boots/superdrug. I’ve got my friends hooked on this!

2. Since purchasing a patterned sheet a year or so ago for my uni room, I now never want to go back to plain sheets ever again.

  1. Bathmat – £6
  2. Copper mirror – £6

I got this bathmat for my en-suite next year and am  little bit in love, it’s probably a love-hate item hahah. I could also not resist this rose gold mirror.

  1. Velvet Shoes – £10
  2. Passport Case – £2

I have had so many compliments on these shoes since purchasing them and they are so comfy and different to anything else I own! I also don’t actually have a passport case and was loving the pink/marble/gold case for only £2!

So that’s it… PLEASE make me feel better and tell me you can’t help yourself in Primark either haha! Hope you enjoyed this haul!


4 thoughts on “Summer Primark Haul

    1. Aww! Glad you got to see some more bits they have at the moment! I was the same before I went to Uni, and now I have a huge Primark where i’ve moved, so keep telling myself it’s okay because I didn’t shop there for so many years haha! Isnt it just lush?! Thanks for reading 🙂


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