What I got for my 20th Birthday

It was my 20th Birthday last week- woohoo yay me! It was a lovely lovely day but slightly terrifying as that means I’m no longer a teenager and by my next birthday I’ll have a degree and will be starting proper adult life- help. I thought I’d share with you all some of the things I was lucky enough to get for my birthday. (Not bragging or boosting, just thought you might want to see and so I can look back too!)

I was working on my birthday this year and my family were away, so as a surprise my boyfriend and his lovely family surprised me with a mini party when I got back from work. His sister had made me the most incredible huge birthday cake which tasted just as good as it looks! We had drinks, ordered dominoes, and had lots and lots of cake!

Some of you may have read a blog post I put up a few months ago titled ‘Dealing with Death’. This was my first birthday I had without any of my grandparents able to celebrate with me. I’d been thinking about getting something special for a while, that was something I could have to remember my grandparents by and my birthday seemed like the perfect opportunity. My sister is 8 years older than me and for both her 18th and 21st birthday she received an item of jewellery from our grandparents, which I will never get as they are no longer with us, so I decided that with some money I got from them, I would get myself a necklace for myself from them for my birthday (is that weird? Haha).

I found ‘GLDN‘ on Instagram one day and was scrolling through and liking all their posts straight away. You have to check them out! They make the most beautiful, delicate jewellery that can be personalised. I decided to get this necklace with two disks- one with each of my grandparents initials on.

The service was incredible from the ordering process to receiving the parcel! It’s an American company and I’m from the UK and the same day I ordered this, I had an email confirmation saying it had been made and shipped already! The packaging is beautiful and includes care instructions and a box. The only annoying thing is I had to pay about £15 customs which is super rubbish but not the company’s fault! I would definitely suggest having a look at their Instagram or website if you’re looking for any sort of personalised jewellery!

My main present this year from my mum and dad was a new bike. It’s been a running joke (which is not always a joke) in our family for years that as the youngest child I never get my own things – just hand me downs from my siblings, which has been the same with bikes haha. When I went to Uni in 2015 I went with my sisters old mountain bike which she got for her 11th birthday… baring in mind my sister is now 27, you get how old and worn out it must be!

I cycle to uni most days and use my bike all the time, but it had the most awful tires that needed pumping up after 1 ride and was so heavy that it took ages to get anywhere.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

I was lucky enough to get a hybrid bike which was exactly what I wanted (basically it’s in between like a road/racing bike and a mountain bike) and I am so in love – Its white with green accents and is the ‘Liv alight 3’ it’s amazing to ride and I feel so lucky to have it!

Going along with the cycle theme I got a few accessories to go on it, like a bottle holder, a lock, a saddle bag, a kickstand and a helmet- I love the little pink touches even though I’m not normally a very pink person!

As well as making me the most amazing cake, my boyfriends sister also got me this huge beautiful mug, which is from New Look. Its got gold foiled lettering and is perfect for a huge cup of tea.

My Boyfriend and I both have always had a £20 max budget for birthdays and Christmas as neither of us like having loads of money spent on us. I’m very good at getting ‘cute’ presents whereas he is very good at getting ‘practical’ presents, which says a lot about our spending habits too! hahaha. I’m awful at remembering to drink water and constantly keep vowing that i’ll drink more but never do.


He got me this really cool water bottle from JosephJoseph, which has a lid which you can turn when you refill the bottle, encouraging you to get all 4 dots for the day and helps you keep track of how much you drink and I love it!

He also massively surprised me by getting me clothing! He had just returned from a month travelling in Asia, where he went to Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. He got me these super soft turquoise, yellow and white elephant print Harem Pants (is tht what they’re called!?!? haha) which I believe he got in Thailand. They are so cool!!20794847_1699545390055445_394565974_o

Like I said I had work on my birthday, and my lovely colleges got me the most insane chocolate truffles and this super cute mini notebook with ‘Fur Elise’ printed on the front.

My sister got me lots of little bits including the most beautiful book from Liberty called ‘The Liberty book of Home Sewing’. In my blog post ‘Twenty-One before 21’ I mentioned that I wanted to sew more and this has so many amazing ideas and patterns/instructions and I can’t wait to get started on some of these!

She got me some beautiful earrings, as well as some bits and bobs of stationary, a beautiful wooden heart decoration and a cutlery drainer in the shape of an elephant for my uni room.

I also received the most amazing surprise and opened the door to find my old housemate had sent me a birthday parcel from Northern Island! She is such a lovely friend and it was so kind of her to get it sent over in time for my birthday! She got me a beautiful necklace and a ‘handbag essentials’ kit from Accessorize, as well as Lavender scented candle from M&S.

I was also lucky enough to get some money from both my Aunt & Uncle, Grandpa and an Amazon Voucher from my boyfriends parents.

Like I said at the start, I’m not trying to brag or show off, I just thought i’d share these with you. Hope you enjoyed this post! Do you have a summer birthday too?



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