What to Pack for University

I’m about to start my 3rd of 3 years at University and that means i’m packing up all my belongings for the last time to head to my new home.

In first year I lived in University Halls in a single bed washbasin room with shared bathroom, in second year I lived in a house with 5 others and this year i’m going back to halls, but this time i’m going into a double bed room with ensuite (winning). So if you have any questions about uni accommodation I may be able to answer it as i’ve been in a few different types of rooms.

I am defiantly guilty of taking too much in first year (and probably second year too) but even though i’ve done it and will more than likely do it again this year, I would recommend not taking too much… you will defiantly accumulate things throughout the year and its better to take less and get it whilst you’re there if you really need it, then have loads and loads of things you’ll never use ‘just in case’. Also think about things that you can buy when you get there at a local supermarket to save you travelling with it all from home. (E.g. Shampoo/Fairy Liquid/bits of food)


  • 2 Plates- Even though it may be tempting to get a kitchen set of 4 bowels/plates etc it’ll take up so much space in your cupboard and you’ll never need 4 at once, having 2 gives you a spare if a friend comes round and only having 2 will encourage you to wash up your plates!
  • A bowl
  • A glass
  • A mug (I’m defiantly guilty of having a collection)
  • 2 knives, folks, spoons
  • Sharp knife
  • Wooden Spoon/Tongs
  • Saucepan and Lid – Try and get ones that aren’t plain grey/black as everyone will have the same and you won’t be able to tell them apart. Try and do the same with cutlery and plates etc if you can!
  • Tin Opener
  • Chopping Board
  • Oven Tray/Dish
  • Tupperware/Travel Mug
  • Vegetable Peeler
  • Cheese Grater
  • Measuring Jug
  • Pegs/Clingfilm/Foil/Sandwich Bags
  • Kitchen Roll
  • Dish Cloth/Fairy Liquid/Sponge
  • Oil/Salt/Pepper/Herbs/Spices
  • Oven Gloves
  • Tea Towels
  • Scissors
  • Bottle Opener


  • Duvet & Duvet Cover- I had a double duvet in both 1st and 2nd year, even though I only had a single bed.
  • Pillow & Pillow Cases/Cushions
  • Bed Sheet
  • Mattress Protector
  • Clothes Hangers
  • Laundry Bag/Basket/Laundry tablets/fabric softener
  • Clothes Horse/Pegs
  • Door Stop-It’s nice to be social and have the opportunity to have the door open
  • Hot water bottle-definitely an essential in a student house!
  • Stationary-Paper, Pens, Highlighters, Sellotape, Scissors, Post it Notes, Hole punch/Stapler, Paper clips, Push Pins.
  • Diary/Planner/Notebook
  • Any essential Course books
  • Photos-Its always nice to have a couple!
  • Some decoration e.g. fairy lights/cactus-it’s always nice to have something that makes your room yours
  • Storage Basket/Over the Door Hook-I’d recommend waiting to get these sorts of items after you get to uni as you need to see what storage you have already, generally you’ll need more of your own storage in a house, but halls are usually very well equipped.
  • Mirror


  • Everyday items… jeans, tops etc
  • Shoes/Trainers/Boots
  • Suit/Formal dress-useful for formals or for job interviews
  • Cosy Clothes-things you’re okay lounging around in in the kitchen and social areas eg leggings, tracksuits, hoodies etc
  • Pyjamas
  • Dressing Gown-Not necessarily essential in halls, but in a house, where you have to pay for heating you will live in one!
  • Slippers-The kitchen floor in halls is often sticky and its nice not to have to put shoes on everytime you go into the social areas
  • FlipFlops-You’ll only really use them if you have a communal bathroom
  • Bag/Rucksack/Laptop Bag/Suitcase/Weekend Bag


  • Towel-I have 1 large towel, one smaller one I generally just have for guests and a hand towel
  • Face Flannel
  • Toothbrush and Toothpaste-may be good to get a cup to put them in.
  • Contact Lense Solution/Glasses
  • Razors/Shaving Cream/Veet/Waxing Strips
  • Shower Gel
  • Hairbrush/Comb
  • Hair Bands/Grips
  • Shampoo/Conditioner
  • Tampons/Pads
  • Nail Clippers
  • Plasters
  • Personal Medication e.g. Tablets/Epipens/Inhalers… Take spares!!
  • Paracetamol/Ibuprofen/Aspirin
  • Wash Bag-I found this very useful in a shared bathroom as you can take your stuff to and from the shower much more easily.
  • Cleaning Products (Bleach etc)-If you have an ensuite
  • Toilet Roll/Wet Wipes
  • Styling Products-Hair Gel/Hairspray/Heat protector
  • Deodorant
  • Facewipes/Moisturiser
  • Makeup
  • Soap


  • Extension Lead…maybe even two?
  • Phone Charger
  • Portable Charger
  • Laptop/Computer & Charger
  • Keyboard/Mouse
  • Ipad/Tablet/Kindle
  • Headphones
  • Hair Dryer (Straighteners/Curlers)
  • Printer (Not essential but useful to have depending on your course, you can get them very cheaply, but worth looking into how much new cartridges cost)


  • Driving License
  • Bank card/Card reader for mobile banking
  • Student Finance Details/Course/UCAS details
  • National Insurance Number/Passport Number..(not essential but useful to have)
  • Bike/helmet/lock/lights
  • Screwdriver- comes in useful in a student house
  • Batteries
  • Deck of cards
  • Febreeze
  • If you have a boy/girlfriend/sibling/friend etc who may be visiting regularly it may be worth having a toothbrush/deodorant/towel/medication (inhalers etc) for them as it makes it easier for them and you knowing they have bits and bobs there.

Some shops to take a look in for good and cheap uni supplies:

  • Ikea
  • The Range
  • Wilko
  • Poundstretchers
  • Clas Olhson
  • Poundland/Poundworld- (great for branded cleaning prouducts like Mr Muscle etc)


…to enjoy yourself as much as possible! Get to know your flatmates straight away and take every opportunity.

…everyone is in the same position and probably feeling just as nervous as you!

…be yourself, you’ll be living with the same people for a year and will be on the same course for 3 years, don’t get too drunk on the first night, being a bit stupid and end up regretting it.

…not to panic if you don’t like anyone you meet in freshers week, you’ll probably end up never seeing lots of them again!

I better get packing myself, but I hope this was useful! Let me know if you have any Uni questions I may be able to answer and look out for some more Uni related blog posts soon!


2 thoughts on “What to Pack for University

  1. Hi!! I am going to be a first year student and I am currently worried over the idea of having a shared bathroom. I didn’t have the money to afford an ensuite and wondered if you can give me an insight into shared bathroom accommodation?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey! I was pretty much in the same position! I remember absolutely DREADING sharing a bathroom with strangers but it actually worked out fine in the end!
      This is just what my uni was like so I’m not sure what you’ll have. I shared with 10 people and we had two showers, three toilets and a bath, (although I don’t think anyone actually ever used the bath haha). I had a washbasin room, which I really did love, because it meant I could still brush teeth/wash hands/ clean face in my bedroom.
      What I would definitely recommend is have a little shower caddy or something similar (I had a hanging washbag) with all your shower bits inside, shampoo/conditioner/body wash/razor/hairbrush etc, so you can pick it up and take it into the shower each time, saving you having to juggle all your bottles and towel etc when showering.
      I’d also recommend flip flops or sliders or similar as even though the shower was clean, I hated the walk down the corridor on the carpet as it probably isn’t that clean!
      I also started the year having a towel, and putting a dressing gown over the top, but ended up getting a wrap around towel which had straps which I got a primark, which just gave me comfort that it wouldn’t fall down in the middle of the corridor haha!
      There are definitely benefits to having a shared bathroom, as ours got cleaned everyday so was never dirty, and having a shared toilet means you save on costs like toilet roll etc.
      Honestly I’m now glad that I saved the money not having an ensuite, as it really wasn’t that bad!
      If you have any other questions please ask away! Hope this was helpful and you get on okay!


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