July Favourites

July has flown by as quickly as it arrived – I cannot believe we are over half way through 2017! Sorry this favourites is so late, I have been so busy working, working, working.. trying to get as much money as possible for the start of my 3rd year at uni! I’ve also been away with work for a week, with no wifi, which was surprisingly lovely! July was also the month of my 20th birthday! I had a lovely day with friends and family and will be uploading a ‘What I got for my Birthday’ post if you guys would like to see it!

Love island

I feel like I can’t write a July favourites without mentioning this programme, having watched it every single day for over a month- is that really sad? haaha probably! But I loved this.. if you watched it, i’m sure it’s in your favourites too, if you didn’t – where have you been? Series 1, 2 & 3 are all on the ITV hub if you fancy a binge!


My hair to be specific haha. I’ve never been someone who has loved my own hair much, besides the length, which I always get complimented on. I have such thick hair which is a nightmare to style (being super lazy probably doesn’t help either)! I’ve always hated getting my hair cut because I never know what I want or what will suit me, and it’s always just hung from my head with no shape at all! I was lucky enough to have an amazing stylist from one of the Headmasters salons cut and colour my hair for me, completly free of charge, as she was training up some apprentices and needed hair models.

I have never been happier with a hair cut before and loved getting my hair coloured as it was my first time! It was also so interesting hearing her explain what she was doing and why – whoever thinks hair dressing is easy… think again! She cut it in a lovely V shape, so its longest point is as the back in the middle, and added lots of shape around the face with a little daisy fringe. She then darkened my roots, and used both glossing and balayage (I think…sorry to all of you that know what you’re on about and i’m saying it wrong haha) throughout the ends and it made my hair so much more vibrant and I am in love!

Packing bags

I have been living out of a suitcase this month – its been MANIC! But these little bags have been a game changer! I got these on amazon in a set of 7, including 3 different sized packing cubes, 3 laundry bags and a shoe bag. The packing cubes have a mesh cover which makes it super easy to see whats in them. I’ve found it good to have tops in one, underwear in another e.t.c. so I can just grab the cube i’m looking for without unpacking my whole suitcase. I would defiantly get yourself some of these, particularly if you’re going travelling over the summer!


At Home With… Podcast

I discovered podcasts this month. I knew what they were and had seen people talk about them, but had never really got into listening to podcasts at all. This podcast is by Lily Pebbles and Anna Newton, who go round to peoples houses and chat through both life things and home interiors in the interviewees own homes. I love interior design and home ware and love seeing and hearing about other peoples homes. I’ve been listening to this before bed most nights, and then catching up where I fell asleep whilst I do my makeup  in the morning and have been loving it! Check it out here.

Sleek Highlighter Palette in ‘Solstice’

This was a recent purchase of mine during a cheeky Superdrug visit, which I will be uploading a haul of soon! This is beautiful! It is ridiculously pigmented and you need barely any product on your brush. I havn’t really used the cream shade yet, but I think this palette will be a staple in my makeup bag for a while.


Miss Baby Roll Mega Volume Mascara

Just like the Sleek highlighter palette, I got this in Superdrug recently, and I’ve found it such an easy throw on mascara, that still looks lush, especially when you want a no make up look. It is really long lasting, so lengthening and has the coolest brush i’ve ever seen ahah!!


So thats it… (even if it is so late) I hope you enjoyed reading! Please let me know what you’ve been loving recently, or if you have a July Favourites post that I should read! Have you used and loved any of these things?


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