Current Everyday Summer Makeup

It’s been SO HOT in England over the last few weeks and my go to makeup has changed a bit because of this! Anyone that knows me, knows that eyes are my thing. I love putting on eyeshadow and liquid eyeliner and now I don’t recognise myself without it haha. So even though this may seem like a lot (or loads to some) of makeup for a natural summer makeup look, it’s what i’ve been loving in this spring/summer transition.

Recently i’ve been very back and fourth between both my uni house, my boyfriends halls, my home and his home as well as going away with my course friends so have pretty much lived out of my travel makeup bag rather than getting ready at my dressing table. Because i’ve needed compact makeup items for travelling, I rediscovered this quattro palette from Miss Sporty in the shade 407 ‘Mysterious Smoky’ (Similar) that I got a few years ago and i’ve decided I need to repurchase it because I love it and it’s so cheap! I use the pale pink in my inner corner and then use the two golden colours on the rest of the lid, super easy and quick and simple. If I’m doing something other than just hanging out with friends/working or running errands then i’ll use a bit of the darker brown on the outer corner and in the crease. I always use the Collection ‘Primed & Ready’ Illuminating Eye Primer under my eye shadow. Apologies in advance to any budding make up artists out there, but the brushes I use are cheapo ones I got off Amazon but I’ve never had a problem with them and for the price you pay I would much rather use these as they work hahah. (I think these or these are the ones I got, but it was a few years ago now!)

The liquid eyeliner I have used for probably two years now and have repurchased probably 20 times is the Rimmel Glam Eyes Liquid Eyeliner in the colour ‘Black Glamour’ which is incredible. You can create such a fine line close to the lash line with it and it usually stays all day, and can create a thicker wing if you like. I wouldn’t recommend this if you’re new to liquid eyeliner as it does take practise and a steady hand to apply. But after purchasing and trying out other eyeliners I always go back to this.


I always curl my lashes as mine are so flat otherwise (is that a thing?), I’m not actually sure where I got mine from but you can get them super cheaply at places like superdrug/boots etc. Then the one thing I will always wear is mascara. I think mascara is one of those things that i switch between quite often and always try new ones as they all seem to do the same sort of thing for me ahah (i’m defiantly no beauty guru) but the one i’ve loved recently is the Rimmel Volume Colourist Mascara in Black and I always get the Waterproof versions as I can’t be dealing with panda eyes.

Similar to quite a lot of people I’ve spoken too, I am very fussy with brow products! I don’t like brow pencils but find that eyebrow pomades take too long to apply (for someone who would rather have 10 minutes of sleep than have brows on fleek) I like using waxy textured products in a pencil-type applicator and my favourite was one from Revolution which was double ended-one ed waxy and the end end like a felt tip which was so subtle but so good!!!! If you have seen anything like what i’m trying to describe please let me know! haha. For the mean time i’ve been using the Collection Eyebrow definer in blonde, which is good (if a little too light) but I havn’t like it as much, but hey, it’s better than nothing! I then use the Rimmel Brow this way Brow Gel in Blonde to set my brows and thats my eyes/brows done.

In hot weather, and just generally to be honest, I don’t like wearing lots of product on my face. So generally I’ve just been using the Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in shade 3 ‘Peach Glow’ to get rid of any shine. I used to get shade 2,  as I thought it was lighter, but it’s actually a lot more pink toned, which makes me a little orange, so if you have more yellowy toned pale skin, give shade 3  try! This is basically the only face powder I have ever used and I cant fault it! I use a Kabuki Face Brush to apply it all over my face. I do however, always make sure to use sun cream on my face as I burn very easily. One that works really well, and I can tell a HUGE difference if I don’t wear it is the Solait ‘Anti-Ageing Face Fluid’, which is SPF 50+ and water resistant and it’s small and compact so fits in any make up bag and its protecting your skin… Would defiantly recommend! (so many ands)


If i’m having a particularly bad baggy eye day or have spots (or both #classic) I pop on a little concealer with either my Real Techniques ‘Miracle Complexion Sponge’ or the B. Precision Blending Sponge, which I’ve been preferring recently as it’s slightly more dense (and win). A concealer that is fairly new to my collection is the Bourjois Paris ‘Healthy Mix, Anti-Fatigue’ Concealer in shade 51 ‘Clair/Light’. I’ve found that it’s really nice it hot weather as it’s very creamy and light and doesn’t feel heavy on the face.

On the rare occassion that I have time (or am going out in the evening etc) I’ll also pop on some highlight and bronzer. The Highlight stick i’ve been loving is the MUA Highlight Shimmer Stick in ‘Light Gold’ which is super easy to wipe across the cheek bone and gives a lovely summer shimmer and is so easy to apply. The bronzer i’ve been using is the Collection ‘Bronze Glow Mosaic Powder’ in shade 2 Radiant which ive been applying with the Real Techniques contour blush just to make my skin look a little sunkissed in the heat.

And finallyyyyyyy… I’ve been loving the Kate Moss lipstick collection from Rimmel as they are the most creamy moisturising lipsticks that don’t smudge and they have a really lovely range of colours for all skin tones and occasions. My go to for summer has been shade 45 nude as it gives the lips natural colour and like I said is super moisturising!


Phew. Now if you got to the end of that you deserve a medal… sorry that it was a bit of a rambley post.. it was deffo longer than I expected it to be! Let me know your summer makeup go tos!



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