What’s in my Summer Bag?

If you’ve seen some of my recent Blog Posts you may have seen my ‘What’s in my Uni Bag?’ post, but I thought I’d let you guys know what I’ve been keeping in my summer bag and what essentials I lug around with me at the moment!

The bag i’ve been using the most is this over the shoulder bag that I got from TK Maxx last year which is brown suede with a nice Aztec type detail along the top with an adjustable and detachable strap.


I havn’t included my phone/headphones and sunglasses as they are normally in my hand/on my head, but things that will always be in my bag is my card holder (similar), which is from Oliver Bonus. I don’t carry around my larger purse that is normally in my bag with me in this bag just because it is much smaller and generally i’ve just been going out and meeting friends for chilled drinks so haven’t needed much hence why I just have my ID and my bank card. I also carry little bits of change, for places that don’t take card/applepay or for parking machines etc. I have a separate house key so the one normally on my keyring, to save space and then a little miniature tin that I keep in there in case i want to take out m earrings/rings after a long day/my ears start hurting.


The other little bits and bobs that are usually in my summer bag is my inhaler (kind of an essential, especially in heat) some tissues (hayfever) and wet wipes (always useful) a mini Hawaiian Tropic Suncream as being a pale, ginger, English girl, the sun turns me red in half an hour haha. I also have my portable charger which I mentioned in my What’s in my Uni Bag, and this comes nearly everywhere with me. So often my friends and I will plan to have lunch, and will end up staying together until gone midnight on a nice summer evening, especially as we’ve all now finished exams so having a portable charger is often a life saver for every involved haha.


So that’s it! That’s what i’ve tended to have on my over the last month…let me know if there’s something that I should be taking around with me or if you love any of these things too!


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