June Favourites

(Bit late on this.. but when am I not late on favourites posts?) These are a few of my favourite things right now…

Hawaiian Tropic Sun Cream and Aftersun


During the two weeks of sun we’ve had in England, Sun cream has been an essential for me! I burn very easily and have extremally sensitive skin. After trying loads of brands this is my favourite, despite not having factor 50, it is the most moisturising non-greasy suncream I have ever used. The aftersun smells incredible and again is super moisturising and cooling on any burn.. honestly AH-MAZ-ING. I normally get these in Boots/Superdrug/Sainsbury’s but I got these bottles in Primark as they were £5.50 and £4.50 which is cheaper than anywhere else i’ve seen!

One line a day–  A Five-Year Memory Book and Q & A a day


I started my One Line A Day book, on January 1st 2016 and my Q & A a day on January 1st 2017. I love these, I’ve really started to appreciate my memory book this year as I can see what I was doing a year a go and see how my life has changed since then. I’d recommend starting with the Q & A a day as it’s easier to catch up on if you miss a day, but I think these are fantastic alternatives to a diary if you can’t keep one of those up!


I have loved making smoothies for breakfast this month… if you want to know my favourite smoothie recipies let me know! I have the Breville Blend Active Blender which is great and is such a reasonable price for the quality!

Curling hair with straighteners

19749379_1659711497372168_1797213367_o (1)

I have been loving straightening my hair with straighteners this month, i’ve found that it makes my hair much lighter in the hotter weather then curlers do and looks so natural and easy. It did take practise the first few times I did it, but after watching lots of you tube videos I finally got there. I brush my hair with a paddle brush, before spraying my hair with the TRESeme Care and Protect Heat Styling Spray. I then section off my hair and curl it alternating between towards and away from the face using the Remington Shine Therapy Straighteners.

Pasta Jars


Is this weird to put in my favourites?… Yes probably. Defiantly. Haahah. I thought I’d mention it anyway because I am so in love, not only for the aesthetic in the kitchen, but also I find it easier to scoop portions out of these rather than having loads of pegged packets. Do you like them or think they’re a waste of time? haha

Let me know what your favourites are or if you’ve written your own July favourites I would love to read them!





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