Summer Goals

I am determined to sort my life out over the summer holidays and try to recover from the stresses of the last year… I WILL be ready for a fresh start in September!! (Hopefully)

Sort out my sleeping pattern

My sleeping pattern is a complete mess right now! I stay awake until 3am and wake up at 10am then sleep at 4am and wake at 6am then go to sleep at 11pm.. you get the idea.. I NEED PROPER SLEEP. My aim is to get a full 9 hours everynight, be asleep at 11:30 and wake at 8:30 and get on with the day. I need to make sure I go up to bed and turn off my laptop at 10:30 to make sure i’m actually asleep at 11:30 (says she writing this at 11:51…help me)


Keep up blogging

I’ve been loving having this little blog of mine, thank you to everyone who has read any of my posts and has taken the time to like, comment and follow.. its crazy to me that real people are actually reading my little posts…THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I aim to post every week Sunday at 5pm.

See and catch up with my best friends

I’ve allready started doing this and i’m so glad I have… I need to keep doing it! Even though I see mine and my boyfriends kind of ‘group’ fairly regularly, I rarely see my best friends. This may sound weird to some, but since a lot of my best friends live a drive away from me (countryside living) and most of them don’t know eachother, meaning there aren’t any ‘group catch ups’ I can have with them all, means whilst i’m at Uni I never get to properly catch up with them. I LOVE spending time with my friends more than anything but need to actually arrange a time and a fun thing to do. (You may say ‘how can you be best friends when you hardly see eachother’ but yanno those people who you see after years and it’s like not even a day has gone by?)


Work hard and save

My rent next year is extortionate and I need to try and save as much as possible before September, but need to remember to not accept every single shift to actually have a bit of a rest.

Start my Dissertation

For those of you who don’t know, i’m going to start my third and final year of University in September which means that terrifying word ‘dissertation’. My literature review forms 2500 words of my dissertation and is due in the first week in September (talk about summer being a break lol not) but I am renowned for leaving things to the last minute and I WILL not do this this time!

Explore more recipes

I want to try and go through loads of recipe books and buzz feed videos to get some meal ideas, as I always end up cooking the same things at Uni… so hopefully next year i’ll be more adventurous.


Sort my stuff out

If any of you have returned home for the summer after Uni, your rooms may look just as horrendous as mine does right now! I need to start unpacking/repacking all my stuff because I am currently living in a pigs sty .. Help.

Let me know if you have any summer aims/goals…I’d love to hear what you’re up too!



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