I’VE FINISHED SECOND YEAR OF UNI! WOO HOO… It’s such a great feeling but terrifying that in a years’ time I would’ve graduated from University!

Last week my course friends and I (all 8 of us) went on a little getaway to Devon for 3 nights and had to most amazing time. It was a lovely end to our second year to escape from reality for a few days and finally not have to worry about deadlines, exams and assignments.


We played board games, had chilled drinks, explored the local area and laughed until our sides were sore. It was so nice to spend time with eachother without it being in lectures.

We went on a long walk and picnic around Dartmoor and my goodness… It was breathtakingly beautiful, no photo can do it justice.



On one of the days we drove to the sea, paddled, skimmed stones, played mini golf, had ice cream and I got very burnt in the sun..opps! (Wear sun cream kids!)



It was so nice to get away and for under £100 too (including food/drink, petrol money, accommodation etc)! We stayed in a converted chapel and it was beautiful, clean and had everything we needed. I would so recommend getting away and celebrating with your friends if you can.

I’m excited that summer can finally begin before the star of third year!

What are you up to this summer?


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